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Colorado and Washington were allowed to use marijuana

Residents of the U.S. states of Colorado and Washington on Tuesday, November 6 voted to legalize the sale and smoking marijuana, according to NBC News. These were the first two states have authorized the use of soft drugs. The new amendment to the law allows persons 21 years or older to purchase one ounce ( 28.3 grams) of the drug in special sales points and use the product for personal use (not in public). Citizens are also now allowed to grow no more than six marijuana bushes at home. Newspaper The Huffington Post reports that before the amendment enters into force will take several months. According to the newspaper The Denver Post, after counting 50 percent of the vote , it became known that in Colorado voted to legalize 52,7 percent (opposed by 47.3). Voting on this issue also took place in Oregon , but there people were opposed . In Massachusetts, approved the use of soft drugs for medical purposes, residents of Arkansas did not support this initiative . In 2006, Colorado has held a referendum on the legalization of marijuana, but then the majority of voters voted against. Voting results are precedent in the history of the United States: they are contrary to federal law, in which storage and smoking marijuana is a crime. Because the federal law takes precedence, Washington may appeal the outcome of the referendum in court.

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