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Sale of marijuana in Colorado exceeded one million dollars in the first day

Sales of marijuana in Colorado exceeded one million dollars in the first day after the opening of licensed retail stores, which are allowed to sell the drug. This January 3 reports The Huffington Post. On its earnings told shopkeepers selling marijuana , opened in Denver. Sellers also expressed concern that they have to deal with large amounts of cash : federal law prohibits banks to work with vendors to marijuana unless the drug is illegal at the federal level . Experts expect that in 2014, revenues from the sale of marijuana in the United States amount to about $2.34 billion. The first 24 retail stores with marijuana in Colorado opened on January 2. Most outlets are concentrated while in Denver. In total, at the beginning of 2014 in Colorado will open about 30 such stores. Overall, the state government issued a license for the production and sale of marijuana 348 enterprises. Marijuana was legalized in Colorado on November 6, after the referendum , which for lifting the ban on the use and manufacture of the drug receives more than 50 percent of the participants . The same day, marijuana has been legalized in Washington. At the federal level, marijuana remains illegal in the United States. In 20 states it smoking is allowed for medical purposes ( doctor's recommendation ) . Barack Obama said earlier that would allow each state to have its own policy on this issue.

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